Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Haddonstone Eton College Fountain and the Haddonstone Fountain Range

When Barton Fields Patio and Garden Centre was built way back in 1999, the first feature that was installed was the Eton College Fountain  manufactured by Haddonstone. Many years on the feature still stands proudly upon the main entrance courtyard to Barton Fields.

In the words of the senior director at Barton Fields ' if i was to do it all again, i wouldn't change the Eton College Fountain feature at the entrance to the centre. Its a stunning feature and has weathered beautifully over the years'.

Installation of the Eton College Fountain and Roman Pool Surround (1999)

The Eton College Fountain that has been on display at Barton Fields Garden Centre is surrounded with the Roman Medium Pool Surround with the complete fountain in Bath colour. The stone has matured and weathered over time.

It was with the installation of the Eton College Fountain that Barton Fields formed a relationship with Haddonstone and became a supplier to the trade and public of all the Haddonstone range including the Haddonstone Fountain range.

Check out the Video Link of the Eton College Fountain, many years on!!

The tiered, cast stone Eton College Fountain from Haddonstone is a replica of a famous original fountain. The famous original for this exquisite triple tiered fountain stood in the Cloister Court of Eton College, Windsor. The badly eroded original has now been replaced by a Haddonstone replica to restore this famous feature to its former glory. The tiered Eton College Fountain comprises ornate pedestals supporting three decorative shell bowls surmounted by a naturalistic bud.

Barton Fields now offer some truly competitve prices in conjunction with Haddonstone and
Very popular combinations of fountains with surrounds can be viewed and purchased direct to your home.

You are welcome to visit the Midlands based Garden Centre whereby staff can help and advise on the installation of a Haddonstone Fountain.  Barton Fields are not just an internet retailer, they have experienced staff who have been involved with the installation of water features for several years.

They can also advise an an installtion contractor who has installed many Haddonstone fountains over the last 10 years.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Garden Design Creation using Barton Fields Materials

Here at Barton Fields patio and Garden Centre we have just supplied a large range of hard-landscaping products, in conjunction with Designer Gardens by James Tucker and KC Landscaping. Posted on Blogger to give you an idea of what materials are out there and to plant ideas for your own garden makeover should you be thinking along these lines in 2012.

Originally a 3 tiered, tired garden with a mass of gravel, the area has been transformed with alfresco patio and decking area and upper tier pergola system through a circular lawn.
Everything used has been supplied by Barton Fields Patio and Garden Centre from the base aggregates through to the water feature.
Taking each element - we have an indian natural stone patio adjacant a smooth decking area. Different level tiers constructed using new timber blocks or new sleepers as they are sometimes referred to. A large pergola constructed from Barton Fields Pergola system and finished off with Privacy Trellis work.

As a finishing touch, a new 50cm diameter Marble Sphere Water Feature has been installed surrounded by Plum slate.

Many thanks to James at Designer Gardens and Karl of KC Landscapes. We look forward to supplying more interesting products for your next patio project and throughout 2012.