Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reclaimed Looking Bricks, new bricks made to look old.

So you want to construct a garden wall, garage, house or whatever structure you have in mind, and you would like to use a brick with an aged, reclaimed look. The obvious choice would be to shop around for a reclaimed brick - there are hundreds of recliamed yards throuought the Uk and i would imagine that most would stock a good selection of reclaimed bricks, a vast range of colours textures and styles.

Alternatively, have you considered using a new brick that has been manufactured to give the appearance of a reclaimed brick. A new, reclaimed looking brick. Why would you do this?

Using a new brick can eliminate the potential for finding poor quality reclaimed bricks often stacked in the middle of a pallet (where they cannot be first seen). They can offer a more consistant option so you know what you are dealing with. With the new manufactured bricks made to look old, you still have a choice of colour and size - made available in 65mm and 73mm.

The Old Lanacashire Mill Brick - a new brick manufactured with an aged appearance by way of a tumbled finish and antique looking colour variation.

The Derbyshire Antique Blend - a beautiful blend of colour including the white paint so often seen im many reclaimed bricks.

Video of the Old Lancashire Mill Brick and below, the brick used to develop a residential property block adjacant an old Flour Mill

Hopefully this short blog can give you an insight into the alternative reclaimed style bricks on the market. You can go to for more information.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Decorative Low Level Fence Panels - Low level fencing does not have to be boring. A guide as to what fencing products are available to help surpass the wind.

After recent storms and severe winds throughout the UK, you may be left with an existing fence boundary that has taken a battering. Here is a brief insight into 3 kinds of products you may want to consider as a replacement for a low level fence. Fence panels that are designed in a way that a large percentage of the wind can surpass through the panel.

Decorative Low Level Fencing

If you are looking at the options for a low level fence you may want to consider something along the lines of the following:-

1. Cross Top Fence Panels - 1800mm x 900mm x 40mm thick

As a low level fencing option, the Cross Top Fence Panel is really worth considering. Not only is it well made, strong and durable, the design makes it a truly decorative & aesthetically attractive. The solid Cross Top Panel also allows wind to surpass through the vertical timbers.

2. Arched Top Fence Panels - 1800mm x 950mm x 40mm thick

The Arch Top Fence Panel is another well manufactured, strong and durable fence panel. Similar in design to the Cross Top Panel but for a decorative arched top. This panel also makes for a popular choice between brick piers.

3. Santiago Wave Shaped Top Trellis Panel - 1800mm x 1200mm x 40mm thick

The Santiago Lattice / treillis Panels are probably the most decorative option. With a convex, wave type shaped top, the panels make for a very elegant fence boundary line. The decorative style of these panels would be ideal for creating seperate internal areas within the garden. There is also a 1800mm x 1800mm option for this trellis / Lattice panel.

All of the above products are manufactured from selected softwood, stainless steel fixings and treated with a high quality preservative. The products are supplied pressure treated that will enhance the decorative style and protect the timber from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot. All panels are duel faced, therefore can be appreciated from both sides.

A virtual showroom here to help you appreciate further, the low level fencing products available for nation-wide delivery.

Contact the team at Barton Fields Patio and Garden Centre for more information. Barton Fields is open 7 days - tel 01283 711288.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Drilled Monoliths / Drilled Feature Stone Water Features. Carved from 100% Marble.

Welsh Slate Monoliths have been a very poupular choice of drilled stone for water features for many years. Available in a range of heights and different colours of slate.

In order to offer something different, Barton Fields Patio and Garden Centre (direct importers of natural stone) liased with their quarry contacts and came up with a new concept.

Drilled Monolith Water Features Carved From 100% Marble

In a range of different coloured marble, the drilled monoliths offer a beautiful, vibrant coloured alternative to monoliths carved from other materials. Colours include Sunset, White, Green and Brown.

The characteristic veins and swirls of the different colours of marble help to produce a truly stunning focal point and complement many of the materials used for hard-landscaping today. The brightly coloured Indian Stone Paving is a good example of this.

As opposed to natural slate and other materials, the marble monoliths are finished off with a polished / honed surface. This helps reflect the light off the feature and makes for a magnificent effect when lit up at night.

Drilled marble monolith after manufacture - awaiting packing

The drilled marble monoliths are offered in a series of heights and are carved specifically with good, solid flat bases.

In terms of price, they are not dis-similar to what you would expect to pay for slate monoliths. Prices for the complete kit including pump and reservoir work out at good value.

More info available at

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Paving Jointing Compound Continues To Impress As More & More Landscape Companies Trial It.

Early on within the 2011 season, the staff here at Midlands based Barton Fields trialled a new Paving Jointing Compound product called EasyJoint. We had previously supplied other compounds for many years.

In conjunction with supplying it to a few Burton on Trent based landscapers, we liked the idea that the paving jointing compound could be used in the rain and re-used if a part tub is opened.

So often have we heard landscapers complain that they cannot get jobs pointed up and get final payment due to bad weather.

The early feed-back was very positive thus we decided to offer it as part of the range.

Why Use it?

So easy to use

Thats why it's called EASYjoint. Perfect for DIY or Professional use

Weather will not stop play

Easy Joint is an all weather paving joint compound, Rain or Shine it goes in fine...
A big plus for professionals, extends the working season and improves cash flow. No going back to finish the job.

Extremely Quick

Up to 20 times faster to use than conventional methods of jointing.

No Waste

Opened but un-used product can be stored for later use.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A choice of colours to match your paving

Outstanding Performance

Quite simply, there is not an easier or better option for jointing pedestrian and light vehicular areas.

See the following Video Demonstration:-

Brief written instructions for the Easy Joint slab pointing can be seen here:-

It is recommended to read the instructions before application.

The gaps between the paving must be a minimum of 3mm wide and, if laid on a solid 'bound' foundation, 25mm deep. If laying on an unbound foundation (sand or type 1 aggregate) then the depth should be at least 30mm.

Here at Barton Fields we can distribute the Paving Jointing Compound nation-wide.
We can supply references of landscape contractors regularly using the EasyJoint compound.

The cost of a tub is approx £29.99 inc vat + delivery. Bulk discounts are offered.
As an approx guide, one tub will cover approx 6-7m2 based on a natural stone patio with a 10-15mm joint width.