Saturday, 7 January 2012

Drilled Monoliths / Drilled Feature Stone Water Features. Carved from 100% Marble.

Welsh Slate Monoliths have been a very poupular choice of drilled stone for water features for many years. Available in a range of heights and different colours of slate.

In order to offer something different, Barton Fields Patio and Garden Centre (direct importers of natural stone) liased with their quarry contacts and came up with a new concept.

Drilled Monolith Water Features Carved From 100% Marble

In a range of different coloured marble, the drilled monoliths offer a beautiful, vibrant coloured alternative to monoliths carved from other materials. Colours include Sunset, White, Green and Brown.

The characteristic veins and swirls of the different colours of marble help to produce a truly stunning focal point and complement many of the materials used for hard-landscaping today. The brightly coloured Indian Stone Paving is a good example of this.

As opposed to natural slate and other materials, the marble monoliths are finished off with a polished / honed surface. This helps reflect the light off the feature and makes for a magnificent effect when lit up at night.

Drilled marble monolith after manufacture - awaiting packing

The drilled marble monoliths are offered in a series of heights and are carved specifically with good, solid flat bases.

In terms of price, they are not dis-similar to what you would expect to pay for slate monoliths. Prices for the complete kit including pump and reservoir work out at good value.

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