Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reclaimed Looking Bricks, new bricks made to look old.

So you want to construct a garden wall, garage, house or whatever structure you have in mind, and you would like to use a brick with an aged, reclaimed look. The obvious choice would be to shop around for a reclaimed brick - there are hundreds of recliamed yards throuought the Uk and i would imagine that most would stock a good selection of reclaimed bricks, a vast range of colours textures and styles.

Alternatively, have you considered using a new brick that has been manufactured to give the appearance of a reclaimed brick. A new, reclaimed looking brick. Why would you do this?

Using a new brick can eliminate the potential for finding poor quality reclaimed bricks often stacked in the middle of a pallet (where they cannot be first seen). They can offer a more consistant option so you know what you are dealing with. With the new manufactured bricks made to look old, you still have a choice of colour and size - made available in 65mm and 73mm.

The Old Lanacashire Mill Brick - a new brick manufactured with an aged appearance by way of a tumbled finish and antique looking colour variation.

The Derbyshire Antique Blend - a beautiful blend of colour including the white paint so often seen im many reclaimed bricks.

Video of the Old Lancashire Mill Brick and below, the brick used to develop a residential property block adjacant an old Flour Mill

Hopefully this short blog can give you an insight into the alternative reclaimed style bricks on the market. You can go to for more information.

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