Saturday, 17 March 2012

Terracotta Paving Slabs / Tiles

Terracotta Paving Slabs (or tiles) are the perfect product for a patio / terrace area with a Mediterranean theme.

Maybe you are looking to re-capture memories of holidays in the sun, Spanish villas with patios, courtyards and terraces paved with natural terracotta creating a mellowed, mature warmth.

Often used in conjunction with white rendered walls, terracotta planters, architectural exotic planting and decorative white chippings / pebbles and cobbles.

It can be a problem for people to find suitable products to replicate the look of genuine terracotta tiles in the UK. Ceramic tiles are commonly used with can be very thin and can create a slip hazard when wet due to the glazed finish . Also, genuine terracotta tiles used externally can be a problem due to UK weather climate and the severe frosts we can experience. Sealants can be used to help alleviate this problem albeit creating an ongoing maintenance issue.

Barton Fields supply what they believe to be the best reproduction terracotta tiles / paving slabs on the market.

As part of your Mediterranean garden design Or equally stunning for that old cottage style garden, the terracotta tiles will add the warmth and character that is essential for that perfect patio ambiance. Manufactured to a very high standard, the terracotta tiles are reconstructed stone, fibre reinforced reproductions, 26mm thick - No need to worry about winter weather and how the terracotta slabs will stand up to frost etc

Available to purchase as single size units OR, a mixture of a range of sizes more commonly known as a 'patio pack' concept. The patio pack concept allows for a nice selection of different sized Terracotta Paving Slabs, all packed together in one pallet. One patio pack contains 10m2 of terracotta slabs.

As well as a range of sizes, garden design features such as terracotta circles and octagons are also available.

Barton Fields Patio and Garden Centre supply this paving nation-wide. Please contact us for more details on telephone 01283 711288 or visit Barton Fields web-site for more details.