Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Driveway Slabs

Welcome to Barton Fields latest blog featuring our 60mm thick Drive flags, ideal for patios and drives.

For many years we have been asked for flags / slabs that are suitable for use on a driveway (as opposed to block paving) and have struggled to know what to suggest. We have supplied natural stone paving as well as other flags for drives with the knowledge that the contractor installing the product is doing so on a very well prepared sub-base. A sub-base constructed to allow for flags that
are sometimes only 30-40mm thick.

Now available on the market and supplied through Barton Fields are these stunning and stylish flag stones that are manufactured 60mm thick. They are available in a choice of colours and in a mix of 4 slab sizes. Not only that, they are also manufactured with nibs / spacers on the side of the flag thus can be installed on a sand screed (like a block paver). This allows for a quick and easy installation process as opposed laying flags on a full mortar bed.

Here we have the Silver Granite colour, bordered with a 60mm Black shot-blasted paver.

And the beautiful Black Granite, bordered with a 60mm Silver shot-blasted paver.

The actual finish of the slabs are described as curled. This is like a riven effect that are smooth to touch, almost like a natural stone that has weathered smooth over a period of many years.

Here is an image of the Silver and Black laid together, a stunning effect.

As well as the very attractive 'Granite effect' range, the drive slabs are also offered in other colours.

Rustic is a blend of autumn colours, red/buff & charcoal, whilst the Golden Blend is a mix of brown and buff.

The drive flag is also very popular for use on a patio or for scenarios whereby an area is driven on very occasionally. They are also a popular choice for interesting designs mixing drive flags and blocks together.

More information can be seen on our Barton Fields website :-

Here are some more useful images:-

 a mix of silver and black drive slab

close up of black drive flag

 silver driveway slab

 silver driveway flag laid as a patio